With Michael Cusack

Goddamn Melbourne, you’re really turning it up this week. First up on Thursday we’ve got another installment of Nude, going down in the Mercat Basement. Miris is doing a live hypnotic techno set, look forward to hearing him push the boundaries of sonic exploration and slow burning mood builders. On the decks for the rest of the night are Tim Heaney and Norachi, no strangers to dark and underground sounds.
On Friday we’ve got “heat beat” party starters NO ZU doing an early slot at the NGV Friday Nights series. Their album Afterlife took out 2016 album of the year for me and let me assure you, they can back it up live. Shit gets wild.
Also on Friday, French producer Voiski is in town and playing, what will no doubt be, an absolutely pounding set of live techno at the Realtime party at Platform One. I’ve been loving Voiski’s sets lately; I’m a sucker for nice ethereal swells interspersed with a strong rhythmic undercurrent. Also on board for the night is DJ Kiti, Shedbug, Tomb Raver and the new father, PWD (congrats mate). 
If that’s not enough Friday madness, Citipower have invited Romanian selector Barac to take over the late shift at Lounge. Ditching the established Romanian sound, Barac toes the line between minimal and house - not too hard, not too soft. “A prince of the after-hours” they’re calling him and that sums it up nicely. He’ll be doing a long set, so get ready for a journey.
On Saturday, Cool Room are celebrating their second birthday with a day/night party at a warehouse in Abbotsford. Branding themselves as a safe and respectful clubbing environment for all walks of party people, Cool Room have been a much celebrated addition to the Melbourne scene over the 17 events they’ve run. On board for the good times is Kate Miller doing a three hour sunset shift. Miller’s mixes find influences from the balearic, funky, dark, chill, dreamy, and it somehow works seamlessly. Also spinning selections is Toni Yotzi out of Perth, Fieldwork b2b Anuraag, Hymns b2b Cruise Control and Emily Roseman.
Elsewhere on Saturday, Giegling alumni Sa Pa is stopping in at Caz Reitop’s Dirty Secrets. This has weirdly flown under the radar - there’s minimal interest on the Facebook event, where are all the Giegling fan boys/girls at? Truth be told, I only know about it because the previous columnist told me about it. Cheers T-Wray. Anyway, Sa Pa explores those ominous organic textures that Giegling are renowned and worshipped for, the basement vibe is perfect for it. Local support comes from Vohkinne, Daniel Filipovic, Paul Cooper, Matic and Will & Phaon.   
Also on Saturday, Roland Tings is popping in to Boney between Laneway Festivals for a bit of a party alongside CC:DISCO!, Myles Mac, The Tortoise, Midnight Tenderness, DJ Camov, Colette and J.Hookway.
Last but definitely not least for Saturday, The Mercat - The End. Sigh...it’s a bit shit isn’t it? Some good times have been had at the Mercat over the years but it’s come time for the final curtain call. On board for the send off are long time friends of The Mercat: Sleep D, Otologic, Andee Front and more. I don’t think it needs to be said, but get there real early if you want to say your goodbyes, she’s gonna be packed.