Electric Fields

How would people describe your sound? Electronic soul that bypasses the barriers of genre, culture and gender.
What is your favourite memory of live performance? We performed in China where there is a language barrier as most don’t speak English or Anangu. Still, when Zaachariaha began singing, the way their whole selves just opened, it felt like the ancestors were being channelled.
How can music inspire fashion, and vice versa? You can’t fake truth in music. Lyrics need to ring true. And the same with fashion. If you wear something that’s not true to yourself, the garments will swallow you up. If you know your art and yourself, you will walk in harmony with the fabric. Grace Jones is a perfect example of this.
How can fashion be used in a powerful or political way within performance? When you feel fluid in your gender and culturally diverse, you can paint that story on your body by mixing up gendered garments and accessories from around the globe.
How have you developed an aesthetic for your music? That process is still evolving, but it’s a very organic, natural flow. Zaachariaha tends to bring the liquid form and Michael brings the solid form. We’re looking forward to seeing the next level our aesthetic travels to.

Electric Fields will perform as part of NGV Friday Nights on Friday October 13 with DJ Matt Doll.