Education Special : Tune Up Music Industry Master Class

What does the Tune Up Master Class offer their students? An affordable way to access information and industry expertise to help further their music careers. Each session will host a panel of experienced music industry professionals with the encouragement of casual, open dialogue and education from personal and professional experience.
How are the Tune Up Master Class courses unique? Some master classes tend to be clinical and can often be heavily theoretical. These classes are designed to be accessible – both financially as well as within the format of the classes themselves, with an open dialogue between professionals and students.
How does what you teach foster a sense of community? The program is designed for musicians at all stages of their career. Hosting a space to bring artists together and share and discuss these elements will help narrow the gap in what is quite a vast music industry within Melbourne.
What skills do you teach? There are five different sessions, each focusing on critical components of music business. These sessions cover specific industry roles, getting noticed through targeting marketing, getting paid and how to protect yourself in the industry, getting recorded and the preparation and options available to you, and getting on the radio.
What is Tune Up Master Class looking to achieve? We are looking to create a space that helps educate artists on the business of music, as a critical element in sustainability and growth that compliments their competency within their own craft, so that ultimately they have a viable music career.

Tune Up Master Class will host six sessions at the Skylark Room from Wednesday  May 17 to Wednesday June 21.