Education Special : Find Your Voice

What does Find Your Voice offer students?  Almost 100 percent of the population have a voice yet so few people are happy with how they use it. We teach people the tools to be able to play their instrument the way they want to. 
How are Find Your Voice courses unique? Find Your Voice coaching is a personalised experience. While we all essentially have the same instrument within us, we have our own individual way that we want to use it and we explore that with our clients.
How do Find Your Voice classes differ from other classes? The mission statement of Find Your Voice is to teach with patience, kindness and empathy. We want our clients to learn skills so that they feel confident and autonomous.
What skills do you teach specific to your industry? The skills used by professional singers and actors are also useful for people in everyday life. We help people learn the skills we use as professional performers, skills that also help them perform in a way that they feel good about in their life.
What are you most proud of at Find Your Voice?  The way that we have been able to take something like voice and performance training, that many people felt they would never be able to access and have made it not only accessible but a safe, nurturing and joyful place for people to learn new skills that enable them to do things they never thought they could achieve. 

Find Your Voice offer flexible lesson times, available during and outside of office hours.