Education Profile: AIM (Australian Institute Of Music)

Having begun as the Sydney Guitar School in 1968, founded by Dr Peter Calvo, AIM now offers the most diverse range of music diplomas, music degrees, and graduate music studies available anywhere in Australia. With a reputation as a leading independent education provider AIM also offer High Senior Secondary (HSC) studies and individual music lessons through its Open AIM courses. The Composition and Music course is one that provides a creative environment for composers, songwriters, electronic musicians and music producers to gain their own unique blend of technical, musical and professional skills, as a pathway to create original music in tomorrow’s music industry. We catch up with AIM and learn more about this very progressive course and their new methods of teaching.

Firstly, where are your campuses located?

We are currently based in Sydney and are setting up a brand new campus in Melbourne.


What kind of positions or roles will graduates be qualified to work in?

Graduates will have the necessary skills to be a professional songwriter, composer, electronic performer or producer, recording producer, and engineer for their own creative projects and for other artists. A creative career in Film and Screen is an example of a pathway students can take, which includes composing, sound design, foley artist, mixing engineer, and programming sounds to film. Graduates can also explore Electronic Music, in a performance or production based environment. Graduates are equipped with skills to excel in the Electronic Music Industry.


How is the course structured?

The course is a two year full time course, split into four main parts, Major study, Academic studies, Ensemble and Associated study. In a student led environment, Major study provides the creative output as students engage and interact with the content, through creative portfolios, critical listening and analysis, use of integrated digital environments, studio and recording projects, mixing and mastering. Academic studies provides a solid foundation of musical concepts and ideas. Ensemble is an collaborative and professional environment, where students actively contribute to a group project, based on the students style, sound or interests. The Associated study component consists of electives, where students choose subjects focusing on specific content, such as Copyright and Management electives, instrumental studies and performance studies.


Who are the teachers for this course and are there any guest lecturers involved?

The Composition and Music Production Course provides an array of experienced and prolific teaching staff. Some faces you see walking our halls include Electronic artists Eric Chapus (aka Endorphin), Music Producer Daniel Denholm (Washington), Orchestrators and Arrangers Anton Koch and Miroslav Bukovsky, Engineers and Producers Greg Simmons and Luke Gordon, Composer/Producers Ken Francis, Clive Harrison and Drew Crawford, and Film Composers and Performers Caitlin Yeo, Amanda Brown and Phillip Johnston.


Any specific projects or productions students will have the opportunity to participate in throughout the duration of the course?

Composition and Music Production students are constantly working on creative projects as part of their study. From the conceptual ideas of the project, to a finished product as recording, or a live performance. Students can also participate in collaborative projects outside of their study, such as our collaboration with The Sydney Film School, students can undertake the composer, producer, sound designer, and mixing engineering roles of a high quality film production. Composition and Music Production students also have the opportunity to design, organise and run their own live showcase, where CMP students have the opportunity to perform their material live. The CMP department also supports internships with professionals, most recently a number of CMP students are contributing to Luke Gordon’s and Mark Havryliv’s Music Production Software ‘Score Addiction’.


Facilities available for AIM students?

Students have access to a state of the art recording studio, music production suites, concert halls, electronic music hubs, on campus library with a great online resources, cafes, common areas, ensemble spaces, rehearsal rooms and also access to portable production gear.


Studio gear and mentoring available for learning and production?

The production facilities, are an interconnected hub of recording studios and music production suites. The recording studios offer the best in analogue and digital recording, with a diverse collection of recording spaces. The music production suites are the most recent addition to the production facilities. They are creative spaces for students to compose, write, record, produce, mix, and master. With all the necessary tools to explore such mediums as film, electronic music, songwriting, programming, synthesis, and instrumental music.


Payment options:

FEEHELP is available.


Intake Periods:

Trimester 1 – January

Trimester 2 – May

Trimester 3 – September


Melbourne: 1300 301 983


Website: aim.edu.au

Enquiries: enquiries@aim.edu.au