EDM wunderkind Kygo delivered something spectacular for his adoring Melbourne fans

Producing all the hits that have made him so rapidly revered in the electronic world. 

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Nathan Gunn

For Kygo’s Australian return, the Sidney-Myer Music Bowl stood proud under a cloudy, rainy and characteristically cold night as thousands of EDM-lovers, concert-goers and even a couple of families swarmed in through the gates to set up camp for a night of divine electronic music. Producer Frank Walker put on quite the opening set, busting out and mildly remixing many current, popular bops and jams, getting quite a few people warmed up and dancing along to his tune.
The night wore on, and the sky darkened with rain-laden clouds, but this meant that when Brisbane singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell took to the stage, the Bowl only got brighter in response. Playing beautiful pieces like ‘Healing Hands’ and a keyboard-driven version of ‘Come Clean’ to the audience, it was clear from the way the crowd rushed to the front, how they clustered at the main barrier, that he had the near-entirety of the venue under his spell.
Emitting an incredible persona and rocking one of the most vibrant shirts I’ve ever seen a musician wear, Sewell engaged us all in a stellar performance.
What followed could qualify as one of the most incredible sets the Sidney-Myer Music Bowl has ever seen. As he confounded the crowd, Kygo’s jaw dropped at the electricity of the night and the adoring response from the crowd. His set was filled with all his massive hits like ‘Stargazing’ with Justin Jesso, ‘Riding Shotgun’ featuring Bonnie McKee, and even ‘It Ain’t Me’ [Selena Gomez couldn’t make it, sadly].
There wasn’t a pause, not even a break as Kygo rode the energy of the crowd with unbridled glee to bust out banger after banger. A relative lull came in the form of a beautifully composed, fluid orchestral version of the ‘Firestone’ intro. Diving into the beloved track, Kygo hopped behind the keys of a proper, grand piano and Sewell came over the top with blistering, unfaltering notes.
Even when the performance drew to a close, and a rainbow carpet of confetti and streamers coated the venue’s floor, not a single person left unhappy, and it was hard to imagine why they would. For Kygo had knocked it out of the park.
Highlights: The company I had for the gig itself, and finally being able to process Kygo’s songs live and in the flesh.
Lowlights: None to mention, but I imagine getting rained on would have sucked if you weren’t under the roof of the venue.
Crowd Favourites: Quite hard to pin down, but ‘Firestone’ did get one hell of a reaction.
By Lochlan Bourke