Editor's Pick: The Stroppies' debut album 'Whoosh' brushes by like a spirited road train

It's a fantastic first effort from the beloved jangle-rockers.

The Stevens’ celebrated 2017 album was titled Good, Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton’s stunning 2018 effort was called The First Two Albums, while local jangle-rockers The Stroppies just last week emerged with their debut LP, Whoosh. Have I just walked out of Year Five English? No, this is music my friend and marks of poised simplicity at that. As information overload clutters the world’s consciousness, take merit in plainness – it might be the last thing that keeps you sane.

“Whoosh is a silly word,” The Stroppies’ Gus Lord explained ahead of the release of the new album. With the record title, the Melbourne four-piece refer to the at times absurdity and transience associated with making or listening to pop music. It also relates to the tempo of the record which brushes by like a spirited road train – ‘Nothing At All’ is the epitome of such while ‘First Time Favourites’ curls and whips its way around an infectious guitar line.

There’s respite on Whoosh; ‘Entropy’ is a solemn impression, yet the record is most impressive when it’s assertive. ‘My Style, My Substance’ and album centrepiece ‘Cellophane Car’ take the wheel here and mirror a quartet sentient of their ambition. Rock on Gus, Rory, Claudia and Adam; get ready for the Melbourne gush.