Editor's Pick: Melbourne's Huntly are carrying the electro-pop baton with 'Low Grade Buzz'

There's nothing low grade about this debut. 

The likes of Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee, The Harpoons and Fortunes. built the foundations of an exhilarating electro-pop wave taking over Melbourne; the lyricism is tender, the music is buoyant, and the attitudes are assured and unadulterated. 

Just releasing their stunning debut album Low Grade Buzz, Melbourne’s Huntly are another outfit carrying the baton in a speedy relay. The three-piece’s melodies are immersive and venturesome – techno, garage, R&B and drum and bass are just some of the tributaries seeping into this intricate riverway.

The album’s opening track ‘SMU’ inaugurates things with a flurry of noises as Elspeth Scrine’s eloquent vocals take centre stage. Scrine’s soulfulness decorates much of the LP; a sincerity that propels many of the narratives on the record. ‘Reckoning’ follows in poignant vein – a message to a lost love through diversions of glitchy electronica.

Then there’s ‘Wiggle’, a minimalist house track that fashions a floodlit path straight to the dancefloor. ‘Low Grade Buzz’ closes things in relative territory, an existential crisis rearing at the culmination of a night out. A fantastic album that deserves the ears of more people than it may initially get.