Editor's Pick: Martin Frawley's 'Undone at 31' is a heart-wrenching tale of love and loss

The Twerps frontman is at his most vulnerable here.

Ever since the release of Range Anxiety in 2015, Martin Frawley has had plenty of time to deliberate his next move. He built his own empire at the front of Twerps, Australia’s revered jangle-pop revivalists who excavated the turf once cultivated by The Go-Betweens and The Clean. But now he’s moving on, to an extent. 

Whether subliminal or not, Undone at 31 is almost the most Twerps record he has ever created, and that’s not just because of its elegant guitar lines and tender lyricism, but because it gestures his longtime partner and Twerps companion Julia McFarlane.  

Lead single ‘You Want Me?’ is the ‘Bring Me Down’ we came to know and love of Twerps and re-establishes Frawley’s stunning solemnity – the rise and fall of his relationship with McFarlane laid bare across a tear-jerking five minutes. As Frawley’s endearing drawl adorns Undone at 31’s contrastingly sunny instrumentation, we are greeted to the hippity-hop of ‘What’s on Your Mind’, the jocund storytelling of ‘Smoke in Your House’ and the contagious ‘Chain Reaction’. 

Undone at 31 is Martin Frawley in autobiographical form. It’s introspective, self-loathing but remedial and stands as an early candidate for 2019’s most intriguing anecdote.