Editor's Pick: Danny Barwick's second EP is a wonderfully mysterious listening experience

Nothing is out of place on this album.

The mistiness of Danny Barwick’s sound is an archetype of Melbourne music’s experimental culture. Since the advent of the digital age, this city has broadened its palate into transcendent territories and the appetite for oddity and idiosyncrasy has never been greater.

Rings Around Saturn, Cale Sexton and Ara Koufax are just a few Melbourne names in past years who have been challenging natural rhythmic structures in favour of cacophony and mystique. Barwick treads a similar path, but with a record that is more mysterious than anything the three aforementioned creators have produced.

Barwick’s stunning new EP The Tigers sees his soft, eloquent vocals bounce across divine instrumentation by way of synthesisers, brass and piano.

Awash with rich narratives suffused in poetry and literature, there’s nothing out of place on The Tigers; spectral themes meet and coalesce like water to a sponge and, through standout tracks ‘Room 201’ and ‘What If Other’, Barwick finds his R&B-leaning groove.

‘Paul’ is a progression of anger and irritation; disconcerting to spruik the martyrdom of its Christian namesake – another astute cultivation of song. The Tigers has found its home in the shadows and only the most intrepid music explorers will be rewarded with its unearthing.