Editor's Pick: culte's debut EP projects the eloquent harmonies and songwriting of Yura Iwama

It's an immersive first effort from the Melbourne lo-fi outfit.

The dreamy lo-fi pop explorations of culte have finally eventuated into a longer-form compendium. With Yura Iwama’s live shows whetting listeners’ appetites, trickles of singles and demo releases from as early as 2014 emerged on Bandcamp, bolstering the curiosity around the project. What started as largely a bedroom project from one creative has since gained legs and now carries four members, all adjacent to the ideas of Iwama.

Goodnight comes through Roolette Records, the local indie that put out Girl Germs’ fantastic debut EP just weeks ago. Endearing with her effervescent vocals, Iwama makes even more of an impression with her flippant lyricism, exploring everything from social battles to secret crushes and personal grudges. 

Replete with divine pop sensibilities, the first side of the record comes in the form of ‘Lachlan’, ‘Goodnight’ and ‘Christiane’, three short songs emanating relatively constant guitar rhythms and regular verse structures. It then swells with ‘Southside’ and ‘Darts’, the two longest and most melodically intrepid tracks on the album, before rounding out with the staunch ‘I Don’t Wanna’. 

For a band that have only just taken their first steps out of the bedroom, culte’s debut EP is a fantastic effort that can only strengthen the intrigue around Iwama and her songwriting capability.