Editor's Pick: Alien Nosejob's new EP 'Bullet of Love' is so weirdly celestial it's addictive

Jake Robertson is quite the synthesiser purveyor.

Aren’t surprises an absolute treat? Trawling through the widest corners of Bandcamp can bring great discovery and treading upon artists that won’t receive the due recognition, at least initially, for their craft is customary. 

Across the last month, the world has been treated to two of the most paradoxically danceable releases of 2019 so far – Alien Nosejob’s Bullet of Love and Honey 2 Honey’s A Taste Of both of which have flown under the radar. The former is a jittery new wave and disco-embellished expedition pioneered by Melbourne’s admired music chameleon, Jake Robertson. The latter is a sparse kraut, dub and R&B-infused EP that would excite the serotonin in even the glummest of individuals.

For the purposes of this Editor’s Pick, Bullet of Love is at the fore with its celestial synthesisers which could quite easily find a home smeared over a trippy Black Mirror episode. Kicking off with the EP’s self-titled number, Robertson establishes his music neurosis fastened to a 4/4 beat that fashions a floodlit path straight to the dancefloor.

As listeners lose their minds in Alien Nosejob’s intergalactic reconnoitring, Kraftwerk flashes before their eyes like rogue space junk. Such shrapnel is advisory not caustic however, cushioning much of the Bullet of Love blueprint.