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DZ Deathrays : Bloodstreams


DZ Deathrays embody all that is good about rock‘n’roll, in the way that bands like Kiss and Motley Crue set the standard in the '80s, DZ Deathrays are quickly becoming the epitome of rock‘n’roll in today's climate. There's no crotch enhancing devices, face paint or questionable haircuts – in fact DZ Deathrays could probably walk down the street unnoticed in their jeans and t-shirts – but there's still the wild on-stage antics, songs penned about destruction, sex, anarchic tendencies, and most importantly partying like there aint no tomorrow. It's all delivered with a nonchalant air and ‘devil could care’ attitude, and in today's youth culture, effortless cool is where it’s at.


Don’t be fooled by the atmospheric guitar noodlings at the start of Bloodstreams that is the Intro, it’s by no means an indication of things to come. If anything, it aims to provide a soft touch before the sucker punch of Teenage Kickstarts knocks your head clean off. Featuring some killer adrenaline inducing screams, this is scuzzy party rock riffage at its best. Dollar Chills follows up with a slower pace, but still pulsates with energy and immediately establishes that DZ Deathrays can do grindin’ sexy rock‘n'roll as well as spazzy rock. The vocals have an almost seductive edge to them, oozing sexiness and cool in the same way that Alison Mosshart of the Kills and Dead Weather fame does.


Cops/Capacity teases the listener for a short while with a jagged momentum building intro, then brutal riffage stakes it claim. The verses feature the bands patented vocal screams but it’s the chorus “East say cops/West say capacity” that starts off coyly then builds up to the screaming verse that’s gonna see crowds with raised fists chanting their hearts out. Plus references to drinking laws are sure to get the blood pumping. Gebbie St immerses you in its hypnotic guitar riff, and the sultry swagger of the vocals ensures you stay enticed ­– this makes for a sure fire dance floor hit. No Sleep brings some punk rock attitude to the table, while Dumb It Down sees the vocals take on a new wave feel and the guitar attack retreats in exchange for a subtle effects laden backdrop. Closer Witchcraft nods it’s head to '70s stoner rock, and with DZ Deathrays accompanied screams, heavy hitting drums driving the track along, an interesting take on the classic rock genre emerges.


DZ Deathrays have a hell of a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and while it was always suspected, Bloodstreams confirms it. With a swathe of effects and innovative guitar work, this two-piece have produced a diverse beast of an album, encapsulating a host of difference influences, moods and sounds. Bloodstreams contains both a serrated edge and smooth rhythmic quality to keep you captivated every step of the way.




Best Track: Cops/Capacity


In A Word: Rad