The Duvtons Announce Melbourne Comeback Show

In December 2011, Melbourne five-pieve The Duvtons announced an indefinite hiatus. Now that hiatus is coming to an end with the band announcing a comeback show this August.

After eight years, The Duvtons decided to call it quits with a statement that read "We say hiatus in case our future projects fail miserably and we want to return...it’s starting to hurt a bit now and we need a break...we are not ruling out the possibility of playing again Duvton wise and the chances of seeing us re-unite for an RSL tour, opening for Denise Drysdale and Chopper Reid are high."
While it may not be an RSL tour and Denise Drysdale and Chopper Read won't be on the bill, it seems the band's future projects must have failed because they are back, a little bit older and maybe a little bit wiser and ready to play some tunes in the name of punk rock.
Joining The Duvtons are The Maggot Men, Max Goes To Hollywood and Sambo Nolan (Loon Lake). 

Be there when The Duvtons end their hiatus at The Bendigo Hotel on Friday August 1.