Drunk Mums

After a few recent jaunts around the country, Drunk Mums aren’t stopping to take a piss yet. With two gnarly back-to-back shows lined up for the end of September, it’s clear these guys know how to party. Beat caught up with bassist and vocalist Adam Ritchie to chat cane toads, touring and records.

“We did a quick [tour] with six dates,” says Ritchie. “And then before that we went to Indonesia.” In May of this year, Drunk Mums packed their bags and left for Asia - embarking on a solid run of international tour dates. Ritchie reckons that the best part was easily their audiences. “Everyone goes mental for it,” he says. It’s easy to see the appeal of punters that dig it, when contrasted to the more stationary persuasions we see around Melbourne. “A couple of [the Indonesian shows] were really awesome,” he says. “But there was one where we played in a food court, and it was sponsored by a cigarette company. That was a weird one.”
Their second LP Gone Troppo is both more refined in sound and eclectic in breadth than prior releases - but Drunk Mums are still doing the same shit we love them for. Fast, punchy bangers like Nangnagator are paired favourably with down tempo tracks like Girls On Their Sides, which channels old psychobilly roots.“I think from putting it out, more people got into it,” says Ritchie. “From there, the shows have started to get more mental.”
Though causing a stir, Gone Troppo has garnered a very different kind of attention compared to that of Drunk Mum’s 2012 self-titled LP. The mature boob shot plastered across the front upset a few poor mates, and iTunes refused to put the album up. ”Initially they were like ‘We’re not going to.’ So we just said ‘Well fuck you then’.” Eventually however, iTunes did backflip on their own decision, allowing Drunk Mums their slot. You might wonder how a few young lads from a DIY band found their topless model, but the answer is surprisingly obvious. “They were from Maxines,” a well known establishment of the northern suburbs.
Coming up on the agenda for Drunk Mums is their appearance at Chopped 2016 - a three-day fiesta of hot rods, psychobilly and drag racing on a massive scale. On top of all that, they’ve pulled together a ripper bill of international and local musicians. “It looks pretty psycho,” says Ritchie. Joining Drunk Mums are local punk legends The Meanies, plus Reverend Horton Heat, Guantanamo Baywatch, Shepparton Airplane, Flour and stacks more. The forecast for Chopped is a big weekend of burnouts, bands and all things rockabilly. According to Ritchie, the one to see is main headliner, Reverend Horton Heat. “I used to listen to them as a kid. It’s so strange to me that we’re playing the same gig as them. They’re a really out there psychobilly band, they’re quite good.”
It’s no surprise then that Ritchie has a penchant for sweet bands, as seen with his record label Pissfart. Pissfart is independently run, and hosts local legends Dumb Punts, WOD and Grotto. “I take a while to do things sometimes,” he laughs. “My dad always used to say ‘stop piss-farting around,’ so it worked.”
If you’ve been frothing for another release from Drunk Mums, you best be changing your pants. Ritchie let us in on a sweet little secret, “I’ve just sent off the new 7” for Drunk Mums. Two tracks are mine and two tracks are Jake’s. It should be coming out by the end of the year. Jake recorded his two tracks, and I recorded mine. We’ve taken the reins back by doing it ourselves.”

Drunk Mums will play at Chopped 2016, which runs from Friday September 30 to Sunday October 2 at the Newstead Racecourse and Recreation Reserve. Theyll also play The Croxton on Friday September 30.