Drapht : The Life Of Riley

Drapht has quickly risen through the ranks from talented kid rocking the stage alongside his extended Perth family the Syllabolix crew to out rock-star, selling out big venues Australia wide. It can largely be attributed to the break through hit that was Jimmy Ricard, but you cannot deny the sheer talent that has been present across each and every album. On TLOR Trials has refined his production sounds further, tweaking the psych rock samples perfectly to suit the distinct vocals of Drapht. If you don't recognise Trials as one of Australia's finest producers by now you are a sleeping motherfucker, but in the end it's you who loses. Lyrically this is the most solid album from start to end that Pauly Poltergeist has delivered, each track giving you an insight into what exactly makes up TLOR. Standouts include the death of "Jimmy" on R.I.P JR, Won't Listen When as well as both Oars assisted tracks. Taking the first Australian number One of 2011 was well deserved, D-Rapht has a monster for your ears.



Shane Scott