Dragonforce Pull Out Of Soundwave

It's one of those occurrences that you always hope not to happen, but sometimes it's just inevitable. UK based metal heads, Dragonforce, have pulled out of Australia's upcoming Soundwave tour.

According to the Twitter page of the festival's promoter, AJ Maddah, the band sadly had to pull out of the festival due to "recording delays."
This comes as another hurdle for punters as Hole last year also announced their withdrawal from the festival; their reasoning, a little bit more on the "just 'cause" side. Apparently the band's frontwoman and notorious loud-mouth, Courtney Love didn't want to share the stage with Limp Bizkit. Does she ever want to share the stage with anyone?
But Newton was right in his law of motion: with every action, there is a reaction. Despite the loss of Dragonforce, the Soundwave tour has gained the likes of Paradise Lost and Switchfoot.

The sold-out Soundwave Festival will be held at Melbourne Showgrounds on March 2.