Don Giovanni – Let’s Rock'n'roll

Tell us about Emotionworks’ brand of opera fusion. We cut down traditional, well-known operas to around half their length, editing all the extended repetitive sections and then decide on a contemporary context for the story to take place (making it relevant to today’s audience). We then decide on what music genre fits both the operatic score and our interpretation of the story.
What does Emotionworks hope to get out of their retellings/adaptations? That opera is like any other music idiom, it’s not superior and it can stand alongside other music genres creating a really interesting, entertaining and diverse theatrical cabaret experience. We aim to take opera off its pedestal and out of theatres so it’s a more casual experience, like going to see a band perform, and for around the same price so it’s also affordable, accessible and crossing many cultures.
Tell us about the story behind Don Giovanni – Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. Our interpretation of the story has Don Giovanni as a rock legend/bad boy. The story is set at a rock festival, he is the headline act and his bad boy activities finally catch up with him as tragedy unfolds.
What can audiences expect from attending the show? To see something that is not being done anywhere else in the world. This is a new and unique concept that is a world first with a very strong Australian larrikin flavour – irreverent, fast-paced, funny and emotional that will leave the audience wanting more.

Emotionworks will perform Don Giovanni – Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll at The Corner Hotel on Sunday June 3 at 2pm. Tickets and full details via Emotionworks’ website.