Domini Forster : Raven


Australian indie folk music has a new queen. Her name is Domini Forster. Opening with Under Water, edgy xylophone melodies combined with softly picked guitar and the honey dripped vocals of Forster play out in a great opening track. Put it simply, she knows how to craft a folk pop gem.
Gentle and melodic, it’s easy to get lost in the sweeping sounds of Black Dog. Recorded in Pt Lonsdale at A Pocket Full Of Stones by Nick Huggins, this album showcases the delicate and heart-warming lyricism of Forster, which can be heard most prominently on In The Dark. If you’re looking to make a comparison, think a cross between Laura Marling, Sufjan Stevens with a hint of Joni Mitchell thrown in for good measure.
Stand outs on the record are Turn The Light On and album closer For Tomorrow. This is an album that is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you listen to it. A crafty debut full of sweeping string arrangements, delicate folk songs and one that will definitely be on repeat for a while.
By Tex Miller