A documentary on Melbourne's music culture to hit MIFF

Prime viewing for all music lovers. 

KEWL Studios' director and filmmaker Tobias Willis and music journalist Marcus Rimondini will premiere their feature-length documentary Now Sound: Melbourne's Listening at this year's Melbourne International Film Festival, showcasing Melbourne's rich live music culture with a specific focus on venues within the inner-north suburbs. 

The documentary looks at the past two years in Melbourne's live music climate, detailing the seemingly bottomless well of talent being mined from our streets as well as the neverending stream of issues faced by bands, venue owners, booking agents and so on. 

Featuring a number of interviews with artists and industry professionals and live footage from a huge slab of gigs from the past couple of years, whilst delivering a deeper storyline about the importance of nurturing live music in Australia, Now Sound: Melbourne's Listening is an essential watch for anyone who enjoys live music.  

Now Sound will premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival on Friday August 10 at The Forum Lounge. Tickets are on sale to MIFF members on Tuesday July 10 from 8pm with general sale kicking off on Friday July 13. Grab your tickets here