Django Django : Marble Skies

UK act Django Django have their cake and eat it too on their precocious third album Marble Skies.

The song ‘Tic Tac Toe’ touches base with the organic drive of their self-titled debut, with an acoustic guitar chug that is underpinned by a driving drum machine and overlayed with a four-part harmony led by main vocalist Vincent Neff. While its familiarity is not overly challenging, it is a well-met hat tip to their debut’s hit single ‘Default’.
The very "now" trackSurface to Air’ feels like a major label single. It’s a collaboration with Self Esteem – the rather obtuse pseudonym for the solo work of Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor – and while it has potential, the end product is coldly kitschy.
The aforementioned misfire and the familiarity of ‘Tic Tac Toe’ have the album sitting at about 6/10, but two songs, ‘In Your Beat’ and ‘Beam Me Up,’ drive the album into the must-listen realm of 8/10.
‘In Your Beat’ feels like where the band is in context to a chronological sonic evolution. The rhythms are deep and textured and the structure doesn’t take the easy way out, a little bit like Hot Chip’s ‘Need You Now’ or even Depeche Mode’s ‘Never Let Me Down Again’.