Divide and Dissolve : Basic


Melbourne’s Divide and Dissolve are a two-piece neo-classical doom act so heavy that their colossal vibrations will rearrange your organs. It’s uncommon to see women, particularly women of colour, playing in the male-dominated heavy music scene, and herein lies their mission: to occupy and disrupt systematic forms of oppression and empower people of colour and Indigenous peoples around the world.
Black Power, is one highlight – a truly haunting soprano saxophone piece, which is ultimately greeted by crushing drums and bass, culminating in an affecting crescendo, exposing the breadth of their talents. Some might assume that this record is something too niche, or too heavy, but it’s the wealth of interesting ideas that keeps it engaging and avoids the cliched trappings of the doom genre. This is performative music that is as much about subtlety and instrument interplay as it is about bludgeoning tones, and for that reason, this is a band that demands to be seen live. Much of the band’s press has focused on the message, which is undoubtedly important, however, Basic proves that Divide and Dissolve has a record to match the intensity of their intent.
By Luke Fussell