Dirt River Radio’s Album Launch Rocked Ding Dong Lounge To It’s Core

Machine Gun Tongues were first up and they came out swinging. On stage, limbs were flying and heads were banging as they unleashed a thunderous, earth-shaking wall of sound. Their set was an onslaught of gritty rock‘n’roll with frontman Leon Moore’s sandpaper vocals accompanied by thrashing drums and screeching guitar riffs.
Trio Oolluu brought a different energy to the stage, delivering an instrumental set of synth-rock that you could get lost in for hours. Comprised of a drummer, bassist and keyboardist, the trio produced psychedelic cosmic funk that had the crowd matching the enthusiasm of the bassist, who was manically bouncing around the stage.
By the time Dirt River Radio came out, the size of the crowd had tripled and the anticipation was palpable. The Dirties breezed on stage looking like absolute rockstars, with the guys wielding glorious jumbo Gretsch guitars and the girls dressed like ‘50s pinup girls. Giving a taste of their new album, Sun City White, they launched into Fukushima Blues followed by The Ballad of Jackie Flavours before delving into the archives and pulling out some older tunes. The set was littered with spine-tingling guitar solos, lingering hooks and conversational banter that showed how down to earth these dudes are.
Mid-set, guitarist and vocalist Heath Bradytraded his Gretsch for an acoustic guitar, which stayed in tow for a handful of tracks from their new album. Postcards From The Road entailed goosebump-evoking harmonies and back-up vocals from The Dirtettes and Lady Muthafucka boasted a phenomenal harmonica solo from guitarist and vocalist Alex Raunjak, who barely paused for a breath before launching straight back in.
By the time they reached the back end of their set, the crowd was riddled with pints held high above heads. Fans chanted along with Dirt River Radio classics The Boys In The Public Bar and All My Friends before The Dirties wrapped up with The Cocksucking Blues – the perfect conclusion to their rollicking set. If the reception of their album launch is anything to go by, Sun City White sales are bound to soar.
Words by Kate Streader
Image by Juan Tome
Highlight: The Cocksucking Blues.
Lowlight: I can’t fault a single thing, it was pure perfection.
Crowd Favourite: The Boys In The Public Bar.