The director of Shrek is working on the new Death Grips album

Because memes really do come true. 

Apparently the fan-made meme "Shrek Grips" really will be brought to life, because American experimental hip hop band Death Grips have posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter, confirming that Andrew Adamson, the director of Shrek and Shrek 2, has been in the studio with them as they record their latest album. 

The photo shows the long-haired director in front of a mic, seemingly laying down some vocals. 

Having not released anything since 2016, fans will be frothing for this upcoming album, but will be able to soothe their hunger with the knowledge that Shrek Grips is about to come to life. 

Keep an eye on their Instagram just in case they drop any more big bombshells for the new album.