Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis creates a warm ambiance on 'Elastic Days'

The songwriting luminary takes a step back on his new solo effort. 

J Mascis has released a laid back and inviting gem of a solo album. Steeped in his unmistakable style, these stripped back acoustic numbers represent the melodic and pop-based songwriter J Mascis has always been.

Elastic Days is J Mascis’ first solo effort in four years and comes two years after his most recent Dinosaur Jr. album, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. Guest appearances come in the form of Massachusetts composer Ken Maiuri on the keys, however the vast majority of the work is masterminded by Mascis.

Intimate songs are made more intimate by vocals usually buried behind Dinosaur Jr’s wall of sound; on Elastic Days, Mascis’ voice has nowhere to hide. Fans may also be surprised at the melodicism of Mascis’ croon – perhaps the result of recent singing lessons and vocal warm-ups he now does to protect his voice.

Opening track ‘See You At The Movies’ is a standout. Cutting and despairing, the couplet “I don’t peak too early / I don’t peak at all” may give the young and overly-positive something to ruminate as they frame another Instagram selfie.

Fans of J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr. will be rewarded for maintaining their ‘conversation’ with this doyen of the indie world. Decades on and Mascis is still putting out his best work.