Dillon Francis on his love of all things Australian

Dillon Francis is an entertaining soul, not just musically with his pioneering Moombahton genre but he has a dopey sense of humour, unabashed and unapologetic.

He’s a busy, busy man – between collaborations, positions in the charts, his stream counts, and ceaseless touring it’s amazing he finds the time to accomplish so much. Francis’ upcoming Australian tour won’t be his first visit here, he’s performed countless times. “That’s because Australia is the best place in the world,” Francis cries.
“Hands down, I love Australia somuch. I love Vegemite, I love Goon of Fortune, I love shoeys, I love every bogan that’s out there, I love people that listen to Aussie hip hop.”
“I remember going to an Aussie hip hop show and I remember hearing one of the best quotes I’ve heard in my life – I don’t remember who this Australian artist was,” Francis adopts the best bogan Aussie accent known to man, “‘You know what? There’s a lot of fucking racism out here. The next song is about racism.’ And then he kicks it off and I don’t think it had anything to do with racism.”
Francis’ laughter is contagious and his love for all things Aussie earns him major kudos – it’s no wonder people are so enthusiastic to welcome him back here time and time again. “I feel like I was misplaced at birth – I drink like Aussies do, I feel like there’s a lot of comradery. It feels like home – whenever I’m there I don’t get that homesick.
“There’s so much joy in being with your friends when you’re in Australia,” he says, “I might have to get a second home, maybe next to Flume in Manly,” Francis laughs.
Perhaps it may be pertinent for Francis to see how his upcoming shows go down before committing to a beach side residence. With Groovin’ The Moo already sold out across the country and Francis’ own solo shows fast running out of tickets too, it’s not surprising that Francis feels good. “It’s awesome – it’s amazing to keep coming back, the shows getting crazier and crazier, bigger and bigger.
“I remember playing Field Day and to be able to close out that show, it was one of the best feelings ever. For me, that’s what’s happening at Coachella now, and I got to do that in Australia before that and it’s a really gratifying feeling to be noticed and welcomed and happy, especially as a headliner.”
With his new single Coming Over, Francis keeps his music as real as his personality – the song captures the ifs, whats and maybes that come with potentially ending a relationship, and with some strange motifs in the video, Francis hilariously collaborates with director Mitchell Whitemore to draw on his own experiences to an otherwise deep topic.
“He [Whitemore] wrote the idea of this guy who was thinking of getting out of this relationship and was gonna start dating around, going to test the water. That whole series that happens in the music video was all in his mind.” Indeed, the video portrays the alternative end of a relationship as a path to self-destruction. “Oh yeah. Too much drinking and too much S&M,” laughs Francis.
“I’ve been there, oh yeah. I’ve definitely done that with a couple of girlfriends and after like a month of seeing what’s out there I’m like ‘I’m gonna go back.’
“I remember I hooked up with this one girl, going back to her house and smoking weed and I remember she tried to choke me and I wasn’t really in to it – I remember she fell asleep and I was so creeped out, I tried to gather my things, got my pants and shirt on but I couldn’t find my shoes, so I left them. I called my friend saying, ‘You know, I’m hiding in a bush because I’m high and I don’t know if she’s gonna come looking for me but please come pick me up.’ He was laughing his arse off at me. It was horrifying.”
By Anna Rose

Dillon Francis will play at Groovin’ The Moo Bendigo on Saturday May 6, and his own sideshow at The Corner Hotel on Wednesday May 10.