Didirri's new live album is a stunning reimagination of his debut EP

The rising songwriter captures his live show at The Corner.

After wowing punters at BIGSOUND in 2017, Warrnambool musician Didirri Peters has fast become a favourite of Australian audiences. Writing heartfelt tunes with introspective and emotive lyrics, the unassuming 23-year-old dropped his debut EP, Measurements, to critical acclaim last July. While most would follow this success with a full-length LP, Didirri has taken a different route and released a spellbinding live album. Recorded at Melbourne’s iconic Corner Hotel, this eight-track album features Didirri performing his entire EP in full along with an inspiring cover of Don McLean’s ‘Vincent’. 

Opener ‘Bird Sounds’ sets the tone for a magical evening of understated indie-folk. ‘Blind You’ echoes early Jeff Buckley, ‘Formaldehyde’ creates a stirring build of emotion with a distorted crescendo and ‘Worth The Wait’ turns into a sprawling seven-and-a-half minute ‘70s guitar epic.

Whether reflecting on his friend’s struggle with depression or performing uplifting and personal songs like ‘Jude’ (which touches on his autistic brother), Didirri is immensely likeable and has an intimate and captivating presence that shines through on this release.


By Tobias Handke