Didirri’s Top 5 Haunts Around Melbourne

The backseat of my car – Touring accommodation can get expensive, so it's good to have a back-up. It's great for sleeping in, and it holds all of my worldly possessions. The most memorable experience I've had in it recently involved a ​solar powered torch and a clarinet. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
My phone ­– I've been utilising the free therapy of voice memos since my first flip phone #2001. Although some may argue that a phone is not entirely a physical place, surely it counts as a most sacred space? It’s a place where all my friends may co-exist and as one of 'those people' who use voice command for... pretty much everything, I think it counts.
Centrelink – They've ​sponsored my career​ thus far. Although we might be parting ways soon, I appreciate their support of the creative arts. Highly recommend.
Joe's Shoe Store – If you're after a delightful date spot, go visit Joe. ​Great for avoiding awkward endings by leaving out the back door.​ Although Joe still hasn't fixed the holes in my actual shoes, so feel free to recommend repair shops. You can reach me on Instagram @Didirri_ and @Didirri on Facebook/Twitter. That would be rather helpful.
Hutch By Melbourne standards, my managers have a huge backyard. I work from there a few days a week, but mostly I go there for the free ​food and the gentle ego stroke​.

Catch Didirri launch a brand new single on Friday May 19 at the Church of Big Bang Boogaloo.