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Diafrix : Pocket Full Of Dreams

In a scene that is permeated with working class heroes, Momo and Azmarino (aka Diafrix) live up to the puritan mantle of independent Aussie hip hop, as artists, activists and productive members of the local community. A constant force on the scene dating back to the early part of last decade, they have helped bridge the gap between the past and the present, alongside counterparts like Mantra and 360. After taking time away from releasing projects to focus on their community work, Diafrix have returned in grand fashion with the appropriately titled Pocket Full Of Dreams. This crew has always been about positive vibes and this album is no different, with inspirational get-up-and-go anthems like Running It and I’m A Dreamer, featuring the aforementioned 360.


They also recruit other big names and international acts to bring their tales to life, such as Daniel Merriweather on Simple Man and U.S. singer Dwele on Better With You, with the majority of production from Stylaz Fuego (Falling & Flying – 360). Harking back to the sound that clearly inspired them, Throwback is a fun party track in the vein of ‘90s hip hop, complete with a horn sample. The lyricism and wordplay on Pocket Full Of Dreams will not set anyone’s world on fire, but for a fun and uplifting listen it’s well worth the journey.




Best Track: Throwback

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In A Word: Fun