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Northcote Social Club
301 High St

Devin @ Northcote Social Club

Devin – the little guy that could. Well there’s drums and bass too, they just don’t really cop a mention in the band name. Sucked in. Anyhow, filing into the Northcote Social Club I was frothing pretty hard due to the addition of The Delta Riggs on the bill. It was a bit of weird one as they were the only support on the night. It’s a shame as any number of Melbourne bands could have easily slid right into that opening slot.


The Delta Riggs didn’t seem fazed and by the end had enough punters wondering why their minds were blown all over the band room. It was kind of awkward as people shuffled around post set, gathering up the pieces of their brain from the walls and floor of the NSC. The Riggs didn’t mind, clearly getting more and more used to leaving brains splattered across sticky carpets. Have you seen them? Take a long hard look at yourself if you haven’t. I'm-a go ahead and call them our generation's Rolling Stones. I know Jagger and co. are still kicking it, but you know what I mean. Mr Elliot Hammond was put on this earth to tickle ivory in a rock'n’roll band and tonight is no exception. Showbiz McConnell made sure his drums knew he hated them, laying in non-stop. Mary, a tasty treat off the new EP is a damn sexy tune and killer live as are triple j favourites Money and Counter Revolution. There is no denying these guys put on a filthy, sweaty, baby-making show.


Next up is the main Devin (and band). He is pretty effing good at what he does. True to form, the sold-out Melbourne crowd seemed pretty unimpressed with everything and certainly wouldn’t be caught dead having boogie. So Devin strutted around and at times looked a little like he was in a bad dream as everyone just stood there and stared back. The songs sounded great, if not a touch repetitive. You’re Mine was CD perfect and Masochist got similar treatment. For a punk rock three-piece, it sounded giant. Devin also got his taste of Aussie hilarity when during one pre-song-intro-anecdote some drunkard made a poo gag. Devin chose to ignore it a press on. Error. The drunkard said it again. Hat off to you sir, love your work. (The poo guy, not Devin. Although Devin was pretty good.)




LOVED: Drunk Guy. And The Delta Riggs.

HATED: Devin ignoring drunk guy.

DRANK: Egg nog.