Destrends : Lousy Lover


Destrends have created a distinctive reputation for themselves, infusing their music with a creative mixture of new wave sounds from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, along with a trace of gothic hysteria.
Opener Jack is layered with thrashing drums and streaking guitar blended with Matt Savage’s deep, dramatic vocals. The lyrics overlay the song with a comical tone as the bluesy sound enhances the lively vibe of Destrends, reminding listeners how contagious their theatrical performances are.
Papa whips out choppy guitar riffs and rhythmic drum beats that are addictive to listen to. Title track Lousy Lover starts off with brooding vocals. The melody has a softer, more mysterious feel than the others, as though it’s about to break out but wants to keep the listener in suspense.
Waste Division lurches listeners out of their reverie with a scratchy guitar and drum combo that screams punk, urging you to headbang along. Slack Jaw Jim begins with a steady, bluesy sound, layered with intense guitar and raw vocals. Closer Blackout showcases Destrends’ knack of infusing manic energy into their music. The EP is raw, dark and enticing to listen to over and over.
By Christine Tsimbis