Descendents fired through a hit-packed 90 minutes when they took over 170 Russell

Upon walking down the stairs into 170 Russell and hearing the sounds of Nursery Crimes’ Sad from their ‘92 belter, Fun Hurts, we’re instantly transported back to a time when the city was awash with mohawks, Goo was the best place in Melbourne, and punk rock was all the rage.
Teenage memories came bubbling back to the surface as Nursery Crimes blew the dust off their back catalogue and charged through a solid collection of hits. Marked By Time, What Do You Know (Anyway)?, and All Torn Up Inside got a run, and they even threw a couple of covers into the mix for good measure – one from underground Oz legends The Eastern Dark, and another by some band called the Beatles. Sure, their hair may be a little shorter and they haven’t been onstage for a couple of years, but they’ve still fucking got it.
Of course, the capacity crowd were most eagerly awaiting one of the best bands to have ever graced the planet, Descendents, who came out firing with the ‘96 hit Everything Sux, before delving straight into Hope from the one-of-a-kind-changed-my-life LP, Milo Goes To College. Unsurprisingly, the pit came alive and the crowdsurfers were up, where they remained for the rest of Descendents’ hit-packed set.   
And by hit-packed, I mean THE best songs in the history of songs. Clean Sheets, Coolidge, Van, Get The Time, Sour Grapes, Silly Girl, I Don't Wanna Grow Up, Bikeage, Suburban Home, My Dad Sucks, Myage, I Like Food, Weinerschnitzel, I Wanna Be A Bear, Catalina...the list goes on and on. They threw in a decent chunk of material from their post-reunion albums too, from ‘96's Everything Sucks, where they featured the aforementioned title track, along with I'm The One, Coffee Mug, Rotting Out, Thank You and When I Get Old. They jumped over to 2004's Cool To Be You (Nothing With You was an absolute standout) and landed on 2016's cracker Hypercaffium Spazzinate, where they ploughed through a collection of songs, including No Fat Burger, On Paper, Without Love, Testosterone and Shameless Halo.
Unlike other bands of their vintage that are still putting out new music, Descendents continue to churn out quality bangers, making for a solid 90-odd minutes of overwhelming highs, zero lows and two huge encores.
No toilet breaks required this very satisfied fan. Even the carpark ticket queue afterwards wasn't enough to dampen these spirits. Five stars. And then some.
Words by Matilda Carthew
Image by Kevin Scanlon
Highlight: OMFG Bikeage – I think I peed my pants a little. Lowlight: Forgetting my earplugs and having to shove a filter into my earhole. Crowd Favourite: Coolidge.