Depeche Mode : Spirit


There have been plenty of old school legends throwing out new music of late and they've been pulling it off, reviving genres of the glory days and touring with massively popular reception – but Depeche Mode is not one of these bands.
Trying to rehash the electronics of the ‘80s with opener Going Backwards, the track rings out with the lyrics of a disgruntled, middle-aged man, frontman, Dave Gahan, disenchanted with the world he lives in. It's a stale story, one that's been sung about in almost every new rock release this year, and yeah we could suffer to be preached at again and maybe even enjoy it. If only the sermon were better compiled.
The next two or three tracks run with production so coarse they may as well have been recorded in someone's bedroom. Gritty, empty and flat out poor, it was after Scum that Spirit was switched off. Not good listening. 
Listen to Spirit if you must, but heed this warning – you should listen to it only because it’s Depeche Mode, not for any expectation of good music.
By Anna Rose