Deerhunter stay within their comfort zone on 'Why Hasn't Everything Disappeared'

The beloved rockers are back with their eighth album.

Seminal neo-psychers Deerhunter ask a deeply sardonically and self-effacing question with the title of their eighth studio album. Why are they still releasing albums on a major label when other acts that were leading the way when tie-dye was trending in 2008 like Akron/Family and The Unicorns have gone the way of The Dodos and Midlake, and MGMT are barely hanging in there?

Deerhunter is essentially reusing the diffidence alluded to by 2015’s Fading Frontier.

Sonically the sound on Why Hasn’t Everything Disappeared sits in the same sphere as 2010’s transcendent Halcyon Digest. This album’s lead single ‘Plains’ has the same effortless waddle as their tripped-out banger ‘Revival’ from the band’s aforementioned lauded fifth album.

Whilst Deerhunter haven’t disappeared, this album sees the band struggled to separate themselves apart from what has come before.  And there is a precedence for this band to pull something out of the hat as they did with their 2013 release Monomania that featured one of the finest two minutes of garage rock ever recorded, ‘Back To The Middle’.