Dean Lewis produces an album for the masses with 'A Place We Knew'

Everything seems to 'Be Alright' as Dean Lewis continues his meteoric rise with first studio album A Place We Knew

2018 proved to be a massive success for Dean Lewis with ‘Be Alright’ sitting on a high throne in the Aussie Charts. Now it’s time to see how the singer-songwriter goes in album format.

A Place We Knew offers its audience a broader view of what you know Lewis for already. His lyrics remain as paradoxically gloomy and hopeful as ever. Whilst Lewis doesn’t achieve the standard set on ‘Be Alright’, he does have something to offer – you just need to be patient. Or we can cheat and say ‘Half a Man’ stands close to his most emotional lyrics ever.

Lewis impresses with his vocal range, proving there is something new on this outing to love on ‘Straight Back Down’. At times it can feel like Lewis is constrained to his acoustic guitar, making him sound lacking and unmotivated. This isn’t always the case - ‘Hold of Me’, ‘7 Minutes’ and ‘Stay Awake’ are lively.

Lewis proves here he has more songs for the masses even if it lacks in musicality.