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Dead Letter Circus, Wednesday August 24, The Hi-Fi

It's certainly been a jam-packed year and a bit since Dead Letter Circus finally released their debut album. They've since descended upon every nook and cranny of our fine country on their own headline tours, supported Muse, Linkin Park, played the Big Day Out, added an extra band member and even found time to venture to the US and UK after scoring a US record deal. One might wonder what's left for the Brisbane lads to do.

It was now time to hit up Melbourne's beloved Hi-Fi once again, this time on their No Fracking Way tour, choosing to use their ever-increasing profile for good instead of evil and raise awareness about the dangers of coal seam gas. Oh, and there were plenty of kickass tunes in there too.


Old favourite The Mile was the perfect set opener, cranking things into full speed from the get go and showing how much the band and crowd had missed each other. As the set rolled on the intensity only heightened. Kim Benzie's vocals were spot on as usual, Rob Maric's haunting guitar licks as captivating as ever, bassist Stewart Hill and drummer Luke Williams at their most chaotic and newest member Tom Skerlj adeptly alternating between the guitar and keyboard, taking the band's already huge sound to awesome new heights.


After letting the crowd know just how much being there meant to them, Benzie offered a very minimal explanation of their current tour's title, suggesting that everyone get online to do some research and form their own opinion. This message of personal freedom and knowledge has been a recurring one throughout the band's musical journey thus far, one which doesn't look set to quiet down anytime soon.


DLC showed that their skills are ever-sharpening as they covered every musical angle from old to new, highlights including the crowd tunefully chanting the finishing lyrics to Disconnect And Apply, latest single turned video, Reaction, personal favourite, Tremors and a crowd-induced drum solo from the ridiculously talented Williams.


These guys look set to keep climbing to new heights, I'm certainly excited for what's to come. Do yourself a favour and go see them next time if you haven't already.






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