Dead Letter Circus release single, announce album

'The Real You' offers a glimpse of the band's forthcoming record. 

Alt-rock outfit Dead Letter Circus have unveiled their forthcoming self-titled album this morning, releasing the first single from the record ahead of its release. 

The single, 'The Real You' melds minimalistic melodies which allow frontman Kim Benzie's vocals to shine with a more intricate chorus featuring twangy guitar riffs and a heavy drum beat. Lyrically, the track explores the cultural shift that has resulted from the rise of social media. 

"Life should be a journey towards letting go of the mask you create with your insecurities when you’re young," says Benzie of 'The Real You'. "It feels like we’ve accidentally created a culture where the concept of the mask is now what you aspire towards. The song is about craving an interaction that doesn’t have a filter."

Dead Letter Circus' forthcoming album marks the band's most politically charged tracks yet, each with the band's signature riff-driven sound. Check out the new single below: 

Dead Letter Circus is set for release on Tuesday September 21 via BMG.