Does everyone get along well on the road?We've all known each other a bunch of years and done some road trips together which means we know each other well enough to praise, poke and hang shit on each and still be the best o' pals.
 If you each had to play in one of your bands for the rest of your lives, which would it be? Datura4, obviously, it's a here and now rock’n’roll band. You can kick some arse, lose your head and a few brain cells too.
How much do you think living in Fremantle (and the relative isolation) influences the band? 75% of Datura4 live in Fremantle (our drummer Wozza is a hills boy) which makes it choice for regular hangs and jams. Fremantle has some good rooms we enjoy playing in. It’s always had a strong original grassroots music scene so it's something we're proud to say we are a part of.
If your plane crashed into an ice capped mountain, who would be eaten first? We'd prefer to crash into a Hairy Mountain for starters, but we reckon our bass player, Stu, has more meat on his bones and less to lose. Out of respect we would say Grace first.
What can your audience expect from these shows? Satisfaction guaranteed. The best pumpin’ rock’n’roll boogie party you’re ever likely to see. An escape from all the bullshit, so no matter how much that shit gets you down, you can lose yourself in the music and groove with your pals.

Datura4 will play Cherry Bar on Saturday March 4.