Dashboard Confessional : Crooked Shadows

If you’re a Dashboard Confessional fan in 2018, it’s likely you’re not waiting for a mainstream revival of the genre, or for the band’s seventh album Crooked Shadows to resemble the sound that made them so popular in the early noughties. 

Instead, you’re here because you have an expectation of Dashboard Confessional’s almost decade-long musical silence resulting in something of interest and excitement – and you won’t be disappointed.

Though Crooked Shadows swims across genres with ease, treading waters from emo to acoustic, folk to ‘80s-synth, Dashboard Confessional remain firmly on the bleeding heart spectrum of emo if tracks like ‘About Us’ and ‘Heartbeat Here’ are anything to go by. Singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba is like a fine wine, the flavours of his voice only growing richer with time, his full-bodied tone delivering hooks and emotive realness catchy enough to grasp the attention of not only their loyal fans, but an army of new listeners.

Dashboard Confessional have crafted a release that caters to the changes in their fans as well as themselves – reflective, emotive and beautiful; the stadium rock anthem feel of the album’s title track is the sensational bottom line to those feelings.