Daryl Braithwaite inducted into ARIA Hall of Fame, cements status as greatest Aussie of all time

It's about bloody time if you ask me. 

Where would we be without Daryl Braithwaite's 'The Horses'? Answer: absolutely nowhere. We might as well just change our national anthem to it already. But until then, this will do just fine.  
Daryl Braithwaite is now cemented as an all-time legend by joining the ARIA Hall of Fame for his contributions to Aussie pop music, and drunken singalongs across thousands of country pubs throughout the nation. Thanks, Dazza. 
“I feel very honoured to be inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame, in an industry that I started out in because I was so passionate about it," said Braithwaite. "I loved music, and being associated with my band members at the time. It’s been a great journey and life through music, and all it’s associated with, especially with the public that I get to perform to. I am just completely thrilled to be accepted.”
Braithwaite's extraordinary career spans over 45 years, marking his status as one of Australia’s most successful pop singers. With an impressive discography including two quadruple-platinum albums, EDGE (1988) and RISE (1990), he has paved the way, making history as an indisputable Australian legend both as a solo act and with the band Sherbet.
And, he wrote 'The Horses'. Never, ever forget that. This is why his Falls Festival set will be one of the greatest experiences of your entire life.