At The Dakota: Tour Diary

At The Dakota documented their recent tour escapades with a series of Polaroid snap

In keeping with the theme, Beat asked At The Dakota to give us a rundown of their adventure.
DAY 1 Landed in Perth, some professional delinquents let us hire a car and drive it.
DAY 2 Morning after a fun show at Four5Nine Bar, we skipped out to Gnomesville which was two hours drive out of Perth. Zac met a gnome and Dylan enjoyed a delicious snack at Corners on Kings (pictured above). We wish we took an ‘after’ photo.
DAY 3 We went skipping around town in Nannup, the bakery was certainly a highlight of our trip (sitting out front of said bakery above). Delicioso! The classic band photo (pictured above) was of getting psyched for our 7.20pm set at the Nannup Hotel. Rowdy.
DAY 4 A fresh 4am drive back to Perth airport. Hooray for music festival shows, here’s to more! No animals were harmed in the making of these polaroids.

Check out At The Dakota when they breeze into The Workers Club on Sunday May 7.