Cults : Offering


It’s been three years since the last release from Cults, the New York City-based duo fronted by Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin. The band’s sophomore record Static took the band into dark terrain, freeing them of some of the bubble gum from their fantastic self-titled debut. In 2017, Cults are offering a new set of buttery tracks guided by Follin’s beautiful falsetto. On Offering, her voice is as sticky as ever, even when she reminisces over lost loves in ‘Right Words’ or is in a drift for ‘With My Eyes Closed’.
The band found a cute niche in ‘60s girl group sounds once upon a time, however, that isn’t the case on Offering. Follin and Oblivion abandon 1964 for 2064 like on ‘Nothing Is Written’, a song dripping in synths and organs from another world. ‘Clear From Far Away’ has these heavenly delights too, but at times its smoke and mirrors. Cults have yet to carve a space that they're completely comfortable with. Though for them, it’s the journey that teaches you about the destination. Cults keep bouncing around through sound, with each stop stranger than the last. Though, the stops are welcomed offerings of tight, enjoyable dream pop.