Cub Sport are more experimental than ever on their new self-titled album

It's a change of direction from the Brisbane quartet.

Intimate and introspective are the two main words associated with Cub Sport’s latest LP. The Brisbane quartet have wasted no time following up albums, with this being the third they’ve released since their 2016 debut. 

The first two offerings were brilliant albums, but this one features more experimentation; there’s sweeping atmospheric moods and vocal effects and techniques that push the limits of what this band can be.

Lead single ‘Sometimes’ is (as expected) a highlight of the record, and latest track ‘Party Pill’ tells the story of vocalist Tim Nelson’s first love. It’s beautiful, sad and the type of story we don’t hear enough in contemporary, alternative or mainstream music. 

‘As Long As You’re Happy’ is another song that ebbs and flows between sadly reflective and somewhat happy, while ‘Limousine’ is another stand out track. It’s so personal in both lyrical content and delivery that it feels like Nelson is right there in your ear, quietly singing the verses to you.

Many of the songs may sound more restrained, but overall it’s more out there than anything Cub Sport have done before. Three albums in, the band are in fine form and it’s exciting to imagine what they will do next.