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CSS: La Liberación

Brazillians CSS return with their third studio album, one that specialises in lively electro-pop with varied results. La Liberación begins promisingly, specialising in lively electro-pop courtesy of the methodical club-inclined I Love You. Its follow-up, Hits Me Like A Rock, proves the real standout, its infectious reggae-pop splendour securing an early zenith. The record’s third track, City Grrrl – marking a return to a familiar electronic-rock ilk – includes everything from Spanish guitar to an unexpected trumpet solo, the latter in particular proving a masterstroke. The first quarter of the record is especially encouraging, as CSS appear to have limitless electronic tricks up their sleeve.

Soon, Echo Of Love ushers in an enthusiastic tropical vibe, whilst the The-Go!-Team-inspired title-track offers a unique interlude, the anathematic rocker sung entirely in Spanish. Beyond the first half of the record, however – contrary to first impressions – La Liberación runs out of steam rather quickly. The record stoops to become a casual, predictable enough affair, lacking the irresistible charm of its pop-laden beginnings.


Capturing the band’s fun, freewheeling expertise, La Liberación is a fine party record. However, much like any good party, its legacy appears doomed to be remembered in mere fragments. La Liberación will not be embraced as a comprehensively outstanding record, but remains an enjoyable body of work nevertheless.

Best track: Hits Me Like A Rock

In A Word: Fun


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