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Crunch! - July 4, 2012

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Peter Hodgson Joined: 23rd November 2011
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Rant Mode: On

This goes out to independent/unsigned bands. I've been writing about music for – gulp – 14 years now and there's something which has always bugged me. If you're writing a press release for your band, or if you're setting up a Facebook/Reverbnation/Bandcamp page, it's okay to use the last names of the band members! Don't be shy! I see this so often and it's one of my pet peeves because it's a symptom of a bigger problem: a sort of low self-esteem that I think is holding a lot of great bands back. Everyone being so worried about tall poppy syndrome in this country that they're too shy to take ownership of their awesomeness. Well y'know what? If you work your ass off to get good at an instrument, and if your band is good enough to get their music out there in the world (and if you didn't think it was, you wouldn't be setting up websites and writing press releases), you deserve to at least get your full name out there. This also goes for putting on a show: don't be shy on stage! Draw attention to yourself. That's why you’re on an elevated platform with lights all over it and with a whole bunch of amplification around you. Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin once described discussing stagecraft with Ronnie James Dio. He asked Dio what was going through his mind when he was performing. The response was priceless: "Ronnie looked at me straight in the eyes with pure tenacity and said to me, ‘That’s MY Stage!!!’”


Gig Alert: Cave Of The Swallows

Cave of the Swallows is headlining a massive night of metal at the Espy on Friday August 3. The line up includes Melbourne’s own godfathers of metal Contrive, who are spawned from former Triple J radio host, Andrew Haug. There's also five-piece powerhouse Envenomed (launching their single Global Deception), White Cell and Bendigo's own masters of brutality Abreact. Entry is $15 and there are tickets at the door. The brutality kicks off at 8pm.


Buried In Verona – Overachievers And Proud Of It

It's been a big week of news for Buried In Verona. First up, they'll support The Amity Affliction on their massive arena tour this September. Also, they've locked in UK release plans for Notorius via UNFD and Essential. The album has already been released digitally, and will be available physically on Monday August 13. To celebrate the release, they'll play six UK dates in September with Motionless In White. Most of these shows are already sold out.

The band have also signed a co-management deal with US management company The Artery Foundation, who have been responsible for the success of bands like A Day To Remember, Attack Attack and Asking Alexandria. And they've also joined The Pantheon Agency roster in the US, who will book the band in North America.

The Amity Affliction/I Am Ghost/Architects/Buried In Verona tour hits the Palace Theater on Friday October 5 for two gigs (an all-ages show in the afternoon and an 18+show in the evening). Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday July 5.


New Daggers Mid Flight Album

Daggers Mid Flight have released Leap of Fangorn, which they describe as an album of improvised, instrumental, esoteric, heavy, psychedelic soundscapes and thundering moments of heaviness juxtaposed against minimal and often tranquil tones. The band features members of Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Spider Goat Canyon and Goatwitch. This is their second full-length release, a follow up to 2008's self titled album on Chairfish Recordings. It's available on a 'pay what you feel' basis via Bandcamp.


Smith Street Band Announce Next Release

The Smith Street Band will release their second album, Sunshine And Technology, on Friday August 24 via Poison City Records.  The album was recorded by Sam Johnson at Melbourne’s Three Phase Studios and mixed by Matt Voigt (Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly, The Nation Blue) at Sing Sing Studios.

The band will back up the album with a bunch of headline shows in capital cities Australia-wide.


New Periphery Out Now

Check out the brilliant new Periphery album, Periphery II: This Time It's Personal, out now on Roadrunner Records Australia. It's a brilliant progression, full of complex riffs, epic melodies, simultaneously technical and soulful solos, and guest appearances by John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats) and Wes Hauch.


Paul Gilbert Clinic Tour

Legendary guitar god Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X) will visit Oz for a clinic tour in October courtesy of Thump Music. He'll be at 360 Theatre, Lower Plenty on Thursday October 11, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Sure, it's a bit of a hike for many Melburnians, but well worth it. Tickets are $80 per person, and there's an opportunity for attendees to jam with Paul. I had a private lesson with him a few years ago during a trip to LA and it was a life-changing experience, and he explains his concepts in a way that makes sense to absolute beginner and advanced shredder alike. Plus, he's hilarious and about nine foot tall.



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