Crowded House legend Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac

No rumours here. 

Neil Finn is a busy man. But today, he's announced one of his most surprising career moves yet. Yes, Neil Finn is joining legendary act Fleetwood Mac. 

I know what you're thinking. This is too good to be true. Or, alternatively, you're thinking Neil Finn is now an internet troll, and he's mugging us right off with a bit of banter. 

However, it's time to believe it, dear friends. This is legit. Neil Finn will be harmonising with Stevie Nicks, and he'll be shredding the guitar in place of Lindsay Buckingham who was reportedly fired from the group. 

Also joining Fleetwood as a touring member is long-time Tom Petty collaborator Mike Campbell. 

“Two weeks ago I received a wonderful invitation to be a part of a truly great band," said Finn. "A few days later I was standing in a room playing music with Fleetwood Mac." 

Stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, check out Beat's first ever cover story with Neil Finn and cast your mind back to 1986. Oh, and pray to the god of your choice for an Australian tour. I know we all are.