The Count With… Vice Grip Pussies

Where, when and what is the event?

Dodgeball on the North Court at Melbourne Uni on Thursday October 24.


What is RES Denim fundraising?

Movember. All proceeds from event entry and donations will go to the charity.


How do you rate yourselves at dodgeball?

Shiiiit, we’re the koota koota pump up scooter.


Ten bands everyone should know about:

Jimmy & The Dave Storm, Butt Chutney, Mad Rad & The Mad Rads, N.W.A, The Lake Mt Kevenbrook Mountain Bush Choir, Fairdinkum Fred, The Men's Club Quartet, Slut Guts, Green Demons and the popular rock group the Rolling Stones.


Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:

Weed, beer, banana, garlic, flour, balsamic vinegar, nile perch, one tin of smoked oysters and cheese.


Eight possessions that define you:

My money, my gats, my 64, work in the bag, my chains, my hustle, my swag and my hoes.


Six bad habits you can’t escape:  

Ballin’ too hard, shoot first and ask questions later, leaving the toilet seat up, not flushing after chocking a monster mud turdle, pissing on fire hydrants and getting caught without my straps.


Five people who inspire you:

Mr Layhe from Sunnyvale trailer park, Johnny Kicks, any bloke who goes by the name Kevin, Trevor from GTA 5 and Porcco Rosso.


Four things that turn you on:

Slazenger cricket bats, power points, ants nests and homeless people.


Three goals for your music:

For Freo to win the flag, cure world hunger and world peace.


Two live gigs you’ll never forget and why:

The two gigs that Stevie filled in for me on bass and I got to watch my band. Fucking grouse.


One day left before the apocalypse and you…:

Get stoned and play GTA just like every other day.