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So friends and I got to arguing about what makes a good live show. And apart from all the intricacies of being in a room with a hundred sweaty, over-stimulated strangers, when it comes to the actual band on stage, there’s something to be said for energy. I see local bands every week, all of varying status and talent, but I’ll be damned if the one sure fire way to send me shuffling awkwardly towards the exit for a well-timed smoke bomb, is a complete lack of enthusiasm.

Grunge, and the accompanying ego and disinterest wilted away in the ‘90s – there is no room in the live music scene for bands who think they can successfully entertain a room by staring intently at their feet… and then the amp… and then the back of the room. Based on the assumption that your music isn’t blowing people’s minds on its own accord, significant output, both emotional and physical is required, guys. Whether the room is half full, or it’s a Sunday, or you’re hungover as shit, act like you’re stoked to be there.


Both Against Me! And Propagandhi blew through town last month and played some of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Both bands played like they had begged, borrowed and stolen to get their gig. Both pumped through impassioned lyrics as though they were freshly penned and jumping from the page. And both bands writhed about on stage like some bad vindaloo was threatening to ruin their evening. If you’re not going to at least pretend that you’re delighted to be in the room, neither will I.


Not a lot of tour announcements this week, but we’ve had confirmations that there are some very exciting new albums on their way. New Found Glory have finished recording their new studio album Radiosurgery which will be released later this year through Epitaph.


Thrice have also announced that their seventh release Major/Minor will be out in late September. And, what’s that? Against Me! have formed their own record label for the release of their next album? Nice. Plus, Jona Weinhofen from I Killed The Prom Queen has confirmed that the band are recording a new album for 2012. Whoa – there’s life there after all.


Tiger Army vocalist, the eerie Nick 13, will be releasing a solo album on June 7. His label, Sugar Hill Records has said the album will be full of classic honky-tony California country, rockabilly and Americana.


Side One Dummy have revealed that Brian Fallon’s (Gaslight Anthem) new project The Horrible Crowes will release their new album this September.


Old school metal band Forbidden are heading our way next month, playing some intimate venues across the country. They’re hitting up The Prague on Saturday July 30 with Maniaxe and Desecrator and will then headline the High Voltage Festival at The Corner Hotel on Saturday August 6.


Kaiser Chiefs have announced some Splendour In The Grass sideshows for this August. They’ll play at The Palace here in Melbourne on August 5with Papa Vs Pretty and Stonefield.


In other exciting sideshow news, brilliant US band Make Do And Mend recently tweeted that they will perform sideshows when they’re in Australia for Soundwave Revolutions, suggesting that there will be some exciting announcements coming our way in the next couple of months.






Thursday June 9:



Confession, Trainwreck, In Motions at Next

Karnivool, Over-Reactor, Shockone at The Corner Hotel

King Cannons, The Fearless Vampire Killers at Karova Lounge, Ballarat



Friday June 10:


Karnivool, Over-Reactor, Shockone at The Corner Hotel

King Cannons, The Fearless Vampire Killers at Newmarket Hotel, Bendigo

Look Who’s Toxic, Solid Waste at Public Bar

The Nation Blue, Lo!, Firearms, Cocks Arquette at The National Hotel, Geelong


Saturday June 11:


Electrik Dynamite, Oh Pacifier, Amber Calling at Bang

Karnivool, Shockone, Over-Reactor at The Ferntree Gully Hotel

King Cannons, The Fearless Vampire Killers at Torquay Hotel, Torquay

The Middle East, Grand Salvo, Leader Cheetah at The Corner Hotel

The Nation Blue, Lo!, Firearms, Bodies at The Tote

The Statics, Fangs, Dividers, Roadside Theory at The John Curtin Hotel


Sunday June 12:


Closure In Moscow, Secrets In Scale, Perfect Fit, The Aura Cura at Bang

Dream On Dreamer, I Explode Like, Hybrid Nightmares, Acrasia at Next

The Middle East, Grand Salvo, Leader Cheetah at The Corner Hotel

Trial Kennedy at The Ferntree Gully Hotel

The Statics at Heathmont Scout Hall

Karnivool, Shockone, Over-Reactor at Inferno, Traralgon

King Cannons, The Fearless Vampire Killers at The National Hotel, Geelong


Tuesday June 14:


The Middle East, Grand Salvo, Leader Cheetah at The Corner Hotel