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Hay guys! Remember how you've been waiting, like, forever to see Weezer live and how no one, not even the most cashed up, persuasive promoters can lure these guys to our shores. Well never mind that, it's all going to be okay because Good Charlotte, those dudes in the fedoras who penned a couple of mildly tolerable pop rock tunes a decade ago and now make money by dating celebrities and pimping rotten clothing designs, are touring Australia and they'll be playing Weezer's classic Blue Album IN IT'S ENTIRETY. 

Fuck, I mean, who gives a shit if it's not actually Rivers Cuomo singing those pop hits with his distinctive nerdy twang, ITS BILLY MADDEN! THE ONE THAT WAS ENGAGED TO SOPHIE MONK! REMEMBER? Totally the same thing. Next I would like to nominate that BARENAKED LADIES tour Australia covering the entirety of SOUNDGARDEN'S Superunknown. What a riot. We can all stick hot garbage in our ears and see if it kind of sounds like the real thing. And then next, since Rancid are showing no signs of touring soon, Nickelback can come and play their ENTIRE catalogue. FUCK YEAH, YOU GUYS. Because if there's ONE way to show one of the 21st century's most distinctive and adored bands how much you love them, it's by butchering their entire album in front of a live audience FOR YOUR OWN PROFIT. Maybe some of those squawking blondes in the front row won't even know that you're playing COVERS. Maybe you can be credited with Buddy Holly instead of the aural abortion of I Don't Want To Be In Love. HELLS YES.


Fantastic UK math rock quartet This Town Needs Guns will play sideshows when they come out for Harvest Festival next month. They will again play at Melbourne's Toff In Town on Tuesday November 15. Tickets are available this Thursday, so get in quickly as the venue is teeny!


The Bouncing Souls announced on stage recently that they have plans to record another album mid-2012 with Descendants drummer Bill Stevenson (also responsible for Frenzal's new album). They've already called it "the greatest collection of songs ever written by the band". Pennywise have also revealed that they're in the studio recording a follow up to 2008's Reason To Believe and it'll be their first since original singer Jim Lindberg left the band. The album, with Ignite's Zoli Teglas on vocals, will be released early 2012. And finally, Screeching Weasel have posted a new song from their upcoming EP on their Facebook page. And yes, Ben Weasel references the SXSW incident in the track, titled Carnival Of Schadenfreude.


Last week Dance Gavin Dance withdrew suddenly from their USA tour and announced that they're going on hiatus. They posted, "Dance Gavin Dance is on Hiatus until Jonny can get his life together. Tour is not the environment for that. That is all". Terse.


Soundwave have released their second onslaught of band confirmations way ahead of time, whipping kids nationwide into a frenzy. Bad Religion will return next February in spite of Greg Graffin publically airing his disappointment at the promoter when Revolutions was cancelled earlier this year. Fat Wreck staples Strung Out will also make their first Soundwave appearance as well asStaind (lols), Unearth, Wednesday 13, Shadows Fall, Your Demise, The Menzingers (w00t!), Kittie, Attack! Attack! and more. The Pretty Reckless will also return having withdrawn at the last minute from Revolutions. Some locals have also been added FINALLY. Tonight Alive, Break Even and Dream On Dreamer will all play next year. Soundwave have also mentioned that there'll be another five bands released in a third announcement later this year, one of which is rumoured to be Ronnie Radke's new band, Epitaph signing Falling In Reverse.


Disappointed fans will already know that Agent Orange cancelled their Australian tour just days before it was scheduled to commence last week. The band cited personal reasons for the cancellation but assured fans that they'll return in 2012. New tour dates are said to be announced soon. If you need your dosage of old school punk tunes then get down to The Tote this weekend to see The Business. Tickets are still available.