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Core - October 12, 2011

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
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I'm all for artistic freedom and allowing bands to ebb and morph and shrink and flower into whatever mysterious being they want to become. People enjoy placing restrictions on music. On what bands should do and how they should sound. 

Whenever my favourite bands (somewhat inevitably) dissipate into a sound I no longer like, I usually find it within myself to let them go and make peace with their sound. OK, so admittedly I still struggle with Against Me!'s direction but I'm getting there. It's kinda been an amicable split. I have to say, the other metamorphosis that I am struggle to grasp is that of Blink-182. I gave the entirety of Dude Ranch a listen the other day, and then, perhaps stupidly, gave their new album a listen. That a band can base an entire career upon penning two-minute ditties positively littered in the worst, most distasteful lyrics and sentiments and then attempt to grow into something semi-respectable just makes me giggle. No matter how legitimate their new sound may be, I'll always remember their Big Day Out set ten years ago that was littered with mum jokes so drawn out and distasteful that even my 17 year-old self got fed up and wandered off to watch Sonic Animation. I also couldn't help notice, Blink's disinterest in legitimate musicianship back then kinda lent itself to sloppy vocals, but now that Hoppus and DeLongue are trying to er, sing, they're kinda failing pretty miserably at it. OK. Enough hate. May they live long and prosper and march right over that monstrous hurdle they set themselves in their younger years.


Alright SO, Soundwave's first official lineup has been unleashed to mixed reactions as usual. Headliners include System Of A Down, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, Hole, A Day To Remember, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Trivium, Alter Bridge. Other noteable inclusions are Unwritten Law, Angels and Airwaves, Coal Chamber, Raised Fist and Letlive. The only Australian band on the lineup is Sydney's Heroes For Hire. Melburnians can join in the festivities on Friday March 2 at the Showgrounds. Tickets go on sale on October 20.


The Academy Is have released a statement about their recent split. Vocalist William Beckett offered these explanations, "I could say something like 'pride comes before the fall', or 'the skill in attending a party is knowing when to leave'". He goes on to assure fans that he will continue to work on a new record in coming months.


Californian old mate supergroup OFF! have announce their first ever tour of Australia. They've already been announced as part of the sold-out Meredith lineup, but now we have a Corner Hotel show on Friday December 9 AND an all ages gig at Fitzroy Bowls Club on December 11. Fuck yeah! Tickets are on sale this Thursday.


Sydney hardcore band The Bride were forced to offer their new album President Rd for free to fans in exchange for signing up to their mailing list, after the album leaked over five weeks before release. If you choose to buy the album, you'll score an extra bonus track. Your call!


Angels And Airwaves have announced the departure of their drummer on the eve of being announced for Soundwave 2012. Atom Willard was wished "all the best" by remaining band mates and went on to describe the split as "amicable". The band is set to release their fourth album Love: Part Two on November 11.


Bring Me The Horizon have finally commented on the altercation in Salt Lake City which saw the stage stormed by several crowd members and several fights break out. Oli Sykes explained on his Tumblr, "Not a member in BMTH or any of our touring party got so much as a scratch, oh one did want me to know he fucked my wife though, which hit me hard as you know I've been happily married for a long time now. Fucking mongs eh? What can you do?"


Victorian metal band The Red Shore have called it quits, explaining that they have "moved onto other projects and different stages of life…We are very proud of our achievements and have many great memories so…thanks for making our dreams come true and stay tuned for TRS members new projects!".


Gaslight Anthem have left reputable punk rock label Side One Dummy to sign with Mercury Records, the current home of Portishead and Noel Gallagher. Side One is said to be "super-happy for the dudes". The band is expected to record a new album next year.